About Terrance A. Smith Distributing, Inc.

"Brewing Quality Partnerships through Excellence!"

Our Mission Statement

With leadership and empowerment, we aspire to change the ordinary to the extraordinary; that our culture of integrity, commitment, quality, and innovation will be shared by all business partners; and reinvestment through growth and profitability secures the future. 

Our Core Values

  • The customer is the most valued asset of our business enterprise.
  • Our most important ethical traits are honest and integrity.
  • The pursuit of uncompromising quality and excellence is our driving force.
  • Superior knowledge and skill are our greatest assets. 
  • Our commitment to growth both personally and professional is essential for the success of ourselves, of our company, and of our customer partners. 
  • Our concept of leadership will be embodied in "leading by example."
  • We will be dedicated to recognizing and appreciating those who possess the professional knowledge, skill, initiative, and innovation to take "ownership" in providing solutions that will promote our mutual success as a team.


Our Winning Culture

Ambassadors of Excellence

The Ambassadors of Excellence (AOE) Program is a key enabler of driving consistency and focus on national plans and strategies across the entire wholesaler system, maximizing our execution and sales in over 500,000 retail accounts.

AOE builds on our strengths of planning, performance tracking, communications and execution, while strengthening our opportunities of consistency in business processes, formalizing action plans to close gaps, tracking results and bringing a scientific approach to objective setting. 

Awards List

  • Ambassadors of Excellence Winners: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019
  • Ambassadors of Excellence Region Winners: 2013, 2016
  • Ambassadors of Excellence Ambassador Status: 2014, 2020

Constellation Award

Constellation Brands Midwest Wholesaler of the Year: 2019

Constellation Award

Photo Gallery

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Leadership Team

Terry Smith


Terrance Smith Jr.

Vice President | Email ...

Mark Grider

General Manager | Email ...

Becky Clevenger

Corporate Secretary | Email ...

Rick Wilson

Sales Director | Email ...

Bill Mullins

Warehouse Manager | Email ...

Melissa Kelly

Administrative Manager | Email ...
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