Alcohol Responsibility

Helping our communities and our customers enjoy our products responsibly is central to our corporate mission. 

That's why we provide support and provide access to programs and resources that promote the safe and responsible use of alcohol. We are proud to be a part of the Anheuser-Busch family of distributors who together have contributed over $1 billion to national and community-based programs to prevent underage drinking and drunk driving. 

Smart Drinking

Whether you're hosting the party or a guest at the get-together, know the smart moves and smart choices you need to make to have fun safely and responsibly. Simple things like eating along with alcohol consumption, pacing yourself, staying hydrated, and understanding that not all drinks are created equal can make a big difference.


Budweiser Lyft Drunk Driving Prevention CampaignDrunk Driving Prevention

Fundamental to responsible use of alcohol is planning ahead to ensure you and your family and friends are safe. Whether on the road or on the river, have a plan for traveling safely. Talk to your family, call a cab, have a designated sober driver in your group. As the Budweiser message says: "Give a damn. Don't drive drunk."

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Underage Drinking Prevention starts with parentsUnderage Drinking Prevention

Educational program and effective law enforcement made great strides in reducing underage drinking, but we can't stop now. Retailers, parents, businesses, law enforcement, and communities must work together, and we want to help. Keep reading for more on information resources, social media groups, and community speakers available through Anheuser-Busch.

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Budweiser "We ID" campaign encouraging responsible alcohol retailingResponsible Retailing

Through We I.D. and beverage server training programs, Anheuser-Busch works to facilitate responsible retailing and serving techniques. A variety of training resources are available.

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Responsible Marketing

Responsible marketing practices are vital to getting the right messages about our products in front of appropriate audiences. Information on A-B InBev's codes for marketing, advertising, communications, and proper use of Anheuser-Busch products and properties on-screen.

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Alcohol Stats

Anheuser-Busch has compiled a valuable set of downloadable resources with information based on solid research around drunk driving prevention, underage drinking prevention, responsible retailing, responsible marketing.

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Community Speakers

Anheuser-Busch provides professional community speakers on responsibility and respect for law enforcement for groups of all ages around the country. Book a professional speaker for your next event.

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